BQI seeks to enhance Australian society through education, outreach and cutting edge academic research

With an internationally recognised advisory board of eminent scientists and business leaders, BQI is committed to collaborating with the world’s brightest minds and thought leaders across various scientific disciplines, to think differently about the Big Questions of Science.



Roger Bacon (1292)

“To ask the proper question is
half of knowing”

New Physics
Origins of Life
Science of Consciousness

Are constants constant?

What is dark energy and dark matter?

Can quantum physics and relativity be unified?

Is the Universe infinite?

What is life?

How did life begin?

Is there life on Mars?

Are we alone in the universe?

What is consciousness?

Is a scientific theory of consciousness plausible?

Will machines become conscious?


BQI researchers submit peer reviewed research in their own right, and also as part of its Fellowship program.

BQI authored papers include:

Do the constants of nature couple to strong gravitational fields?

BQI funded papers include:

Modelling Cosmic Radiation Events in the Tree-ring Radiocarbon Record





BQI periodically produces educational resources to support learning about the Big Questions. A seven week “Science of Consciousness Course” is currently under development.