BQI funds affiliate associations that promote research into the Big Questions of Science


These include:



STEAMM Studios is a collaboration between BQI and Sarazin Property.  Located at 8 Trafalgar St, Woolloongabba Brisbane, STEAMM Studios is a unique multi-disciplinary art studio, showcasing the intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths and Music (STEM + Art & Music).

STEAMM Studios provides financial support to artists in residence who collaborate with BQI Fellows & Researchers.  STEAMM Studios also hosts an annual exhibition during National Science Week, providing an opportunity to promote big question science to the public via unique art installations.


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BQX offers the opportunity for the public to join unique scientific expeditions to remote locations where big question research is being undertaken. All BQX profits go back to the research, thereby assisting scientists to continue investigating the big questions of science.


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BQE aims to promote big question science to the general public. BQE has produced several large scale, high profile events including:

Life on Mars (Perth Convention Centre) 2019

Ben Franklin Address (US Embassy) 2019

Life on Mars (Sydney Opera House) 2017

Women on Mars (Sydney Opera House) 2017

John Barrow (UNSW Sydney) 2016

Stephen Hawking (Sydney Opera House) 2015

Paul Davies (UNSW Sydney) 2014