BQI Proudly Supports Rising Star in Astrobiology: Bonnie Teece


At the Big Questions Institute (BQI), we pride ourselves on recognising and supporting the brightest talents in scientific research. We’re delighted to spotlight Bonnie Teece, an ambitious and pioneering researcher in astrobiology.

Dr Bonnie Teece

A Deep Dive into Organic Biosignatures

Bonnie‚Äôs current research revolves around organic biosignatures, which are carbon-based molecules that might indicate the presence of life. These biosignatures are not just significant on Earth; they hold the potential to unveil the mysteries of life on other celestial bodies, such as Mars. Despite the promise they offer, deciphering these molecules is no simple feat. Bonnie’s research addresses the complexities and challenges faced when interpreting these biosignatures.


Bonnie’s Vision and the BQI Fellowship

Bonnie’s proposal for the BQI Fellowship seeks to advance the study of organic biosignatures in two primary ways. Firstly, she plans to undertake in-depth in situ analyses of ancient organic matter, teaming up with the esteemed Dr Raphael Baumgartner at CSIRO in Perth. Secondly, she aims to conduct groundbreaking research on the behaviour of common contaminants during pyrolysis. Such work can be instrumental in our search for life on Mars, especially since pyrolysis is a technique used by Mars Rovers.


A Glimpse into Bonnie’s Stellar Achievements

Bonnie’s CV paints a picture of determination, expertise, and passion. Her academic journey began at Macquarie University, where she pursued her Bachelor of Arts and Science and a Master of Research with high distinction. Currently, she is working on her PhD in Geology, focusing on the challenges and progress related to organic biosignatures through the geological record.

But Bonnie’s impact extends far beyond academia. She has been involved in pivotal Mars mission media presentations and has co-authored a NASA white paper. With several grants, scholarships, and honours, Bonnie’s dedication to her field is undeniable.


Bridging the Gap in Astrobiology

One of the many reasons BQI is enthusiastic about supporting Bonnie is her ability to bridge the disciplines within astrobiology. Her work effortlessly melds chemistry with geobiology and palaeontology. Bonnie’s approach sets a golden standard as the world leans more into interdisciplinary studies.

BQI is thrilled to support Bonnie Teece in her endeavours. Her passion, expertise, and innovative approach to astrobiology symbolise the very essence of what BQI stands for. We eagerly await the groundbreaking discoveries Bonnie is set to make, and we are proud to be a part of her journey.