NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) scientists field trip with Professor Martin Van Kranendonk

In August 2019, NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) scientists joined BQI Director Professor Martin Van Kranendonk for a week long field trip in the remote outback of Western Australia. In preparation for the agencies’ upcoming missions to search for life on Mars, the Mars 2020 and ExoMars 2020 mission teams received specialist training in how to identify signs of life in ancient Pilbara rocks.

There was extensive media coverage of this event – some of which includes:
Short 1 min video by UNSW Media (2700+ views):

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NASA/JPL-Caltech 3min video on youtube (16,000+ views!):
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5 min ABC news video (1500+ views):

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10min ABC news interview with BQI board member and NASA Scientist Dr. Mitch Schulte:

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NASA article ‘Scientists Explore Outback as Testbed for Mars’:
And YouTube video (9600+ views):

Credit: Leigh Darcy and Lee Henderson, UNSW Media 
Credit: Luke Steller 
Credit: Luke Steller 
Credit: Isabella Higgins, ABC News 
Credit: Isabella Higgins, ABC News