Since its inception, BQI has raised over $1.5m to support Big Questions science. Our target is to raise over $10m in the next five years

Current calls for funding include:
Early researcher support at leading Australian Universities
Big Questions projects directed by BQI Advisory Board
Outreach projects
Specific targeted projects
  • BQI Fellowships $75k each
  • BQI Overseas Fellowships
    $50k each
  • Postdoc Travel Scholarships
    $30k each
  • New Physics $10 – $100k
  • Origins of Life $10 – 100k
  • Science of Consciousness $10 – $100k
  • National Science Week events $100k (5 years)
  • Annual BQI Lecture $100k (5 years)
  • Fine Structure Survey $100k (New Physics)
  • Quantum Information $100k (New Physics)
  • Mars Return Sample Mission $100k (Origins of Life)
  • Search for Denisovans in Australia $100k (Origins of Humans)
  • Psychedelic Research¬† $100k (Science of Consciousness)


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