An evening with Stephen Hawking

In April 2015, UNSW Science’s Big Questions Institute partnered with technology company Cisco and the Sydney Opera House to present An evening with Stephen Hawking.

This public event was hosted by Lucy Hawking and Professor Paul Davies, who appeared live on stage beside a high definition 3D video (or ‘hologram’) of Hawking that was streamed live from his home in Cambridge. Watch a recording of the event (which has over 164,000 views!), or read the UNSW media release.

Prior to the evening event at the Opera House, former UNSW Dean of Science Merlin Crossley, presented Lucy and Stephen Hawking with the 2015 UNSW Medal for Science Communication. In March 2018, almost 3 years after the Opera House event, it was with great sadness that Professor Hawking passed away.

Credit: Prudence Upton
Credit: Prudence Upton
Credit: UNSW Science