Presented by world science festival and Big questions institute

Life on Mars
22 Mar 2024 | Playhouse Theatre QPAC

Dive into a cosmos of discovery at an event hosted by Graham Phillips, a seasoned science journalist and astrophysicist. Join us for a night of stellar insights and interstellar ambition as our panel of experts illuminates the mysteries of the universe and guide us through this intellectual odyssey.

Our distinguished panel includes:

• Professor Tamara Davis, a virtuoso of the dark universe and astrophysical phenomena, who will share her expertise on dark energy and the accelerating universe. Professor Davis’s insights are not to be missed as an accomplished astrophysicist with numerous accolades.

• Professor Kathleen Campbell is a world-leading expert in primitive microbial life in hot springs and astrobiology. She will elucidate the parallels between Earth’s oldest ecosystems and Martian geology, offering insights into the search for extraterrestrial biosignatures.

• Professor Martin Van Kranendonk is a preeminent figure in early Earth research. His work on ancient life forms and geological processes involved in the origin of life provides essential clues for Mars exploration.

Along with special guest, Jorge Vago, the visionary behind the ExoMars project, who will detail the mission’s cutting-edge capabilities in seeking signs of life on Mars.

This event is a confluence of expert knowledge, where the audience will be transported on a journey through time and space. From Earth’s primordial landscapes and most ancient traces of life to the mysterious terrains of Mars, prepare to expand your knowledge of the universe and the bounds of possibility.


Together, these eminent scholars will shed light on the intricacies of space exploration, the technological marvels of interplanetary missions and the profound questions they raise about life’s existence beyond our planet